Saturday, January 10, 2015

Little Bunny's Bible - A Review

I had an opportunity to review Little Bunny's Bible by PJ Lyons and Melanie Mitchell through the BookLook Bloggers program. They provide free books to bloggers in exchange for an honest review. My opinions are my own.
This books was published by Zondervan.

I was waiting to get an opportunity to review a Bible type book for toddlers, as the one we have is all paper so it's not really appropriate for my two-year-old as of yet. This book has many Bible stories and it is made of a board book material so it's great for my two-year-old and his little brother! My two-year-old was immediately impressed with this book. He said, "Bunny!" right away and now he won't even let me get my hands on it to look at it for a review! It has a soft cover with a cute bunny on the front. Inside are colorful painted illustration and rhyming text that provides a great summary of Bible stories in a way that will be interesting to toddlers. The stories included are the creation story, Noah and the ark, Daniel and the lion's den, the story of Jonah, the story of Jesus' birth, the parable of the shepherd counting his sheep, the miracle of Jesus feeding thousands, and the story of Jesus' death and Resurrection. I feel that these are appropriate stories to share with a toddler to introduce them to the Bible. My son enjoyed sitting on my lap and listening to the stories. He liked the pictures and pointed out things that he saw. This is a great book for toddlers! I highly recommend it!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Little K's Incredible Journey - 1 YEAR OLD!!

You're one year old! It's been an incredible year with lots of growing and learning. At 1 year old, you can walk (EVERYWHERE!), climb up on the couch (as well as other places where you are not supposed to climb), throw a ball, stack two blocks on top of each other, and push cars around the floor while making "vroom" sounds. There's a whole lot more you can do, but Mom can't remember EVERYTHING!

You also love to sing. When we sing karaoke, you sing along. Mom sings "Let it Go" to you to help you get to sleep and sometimes when you are ready for a nap you will start singing "Go Go...". Your list of words is ever growing. The other day you were playing with your Daniel Tiger plush and I could have sworn you said, "Daniel Tiger". You can sign and say "more" at the appropriate times. You can also sign "milk" when you want mom to feed you, but most of the time you just reach up and climb in her lap.

At your checkup, we found that you are the biggest of our three children at one year old! Your big brother better watch out, though he's been growing pretty quickly too!

You had a great first birthday party. The theme was Knights/Dragons.
This was the sign that was on the door:

The bottom part said "Sir...has just turned one!"

Mom, Big Sis, and T-Rex even made a castle wall for your birthday decorations. It turned out really well and we still have it hanging up even though your party was Sunday and it is now Wednesday. Mom thinks we should take it down. Maybe we'll put it in your room.

You can see some of Little K, T-Rex, and even Big Sis' artwork on the wall as well.

We got a How to Train Your Dragon cake for your birthday. It was from Hyvee. They make delicious cakes. (They did not pay Mom to say that!)

And you even got a smash cake, though you weren't too interested in smashing it.

Mom has a whole lot more pictures of you from your party, but she doesn't share those on her blog. She will share them with you when you are older to help you remember these fun times! You are growing up so fast!

Friday, December 26, 2014

A Great Bible for Young Girls - Review of the Plush Bible Collection (NIrV) by Published by Zondervan

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We had a great Christmas with the family. First, we opened presents at home. Then, we went to my parents' house where we opened presents with my parents and my two younger brothers. Then, we went to my mother-in-law's house and there were still more presents at her house! The kids definitely had no shortage of presents this year!

Our tree...can you tell I have toddlers in the house?

This holiday season, I was presented with the opportunity to review the Plush Bible Collection (New International Reader's Version) published by Zondervan Publishers. I was given a free copy as part of the Book Look Blogger's program in exchange for my honest review.

My 8-year old daughter's Bible was kind of small and it was falling into disrepair, so I figured what better time to give her a new one than now? She would love this Bible! I just knew it.

A sparkly pink Bible? What's not to love?

The Bible is packaged in a nice box, which keeps it safe until you give it to its intended recipient.

This Bible is the New International Reader's Version, which is great for children who have not been reading long or just need the Bible made more simple. My daughter is a great reader, but she said she likes it because there aren't "all those thees and thous" in this version. It also has a great dictionary with some key terms at the end, so if she comes across a term she doesn't know, it could be in the dictionary. My daughter said that she loves this Bible because, "It is sparkly, fuzzy, and pink!" What more could an 8-year-old girl want? I am looking forward to reading the Bible with her and she can't wait to show off her new Bible at Sunday School!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Fun Snowman Craft Activity

It snowed a little bit yesterday. It wasn't enough to play in, make snowballs, or make snowmen. My two year old got excited when his sister got home from school. He put on his shoes and said "Doh snow balls!" (Throw snow balls!) (He even put on his shoes by himself, though they were on the wrong feet. I was very impressed!) Well, I had to let him down and tell him that there wasn't enough snow to throw snow balls. He was still asking about it today. So, after nap and lunch time, I asked him if he wanted to make snow men. Of course, his answer was YES!!

I gathered up some crafting supplies I had around. These are the ingredients for the snowman craft!
- "Woodsies" - little wood shapes (triangles, ovals, teardrops, circles, and squares)
- Pipecleaners
- Construction Paper
- Glue
- Paint

Get creative and do whatever you want with the supplies you have! T-Rex got to pretty much do what he wanted, though I placed the mouth and arms for him. Little K needed more direction, so I pretty much did his for him and let him paint and mess with the paper.

T-Rex's snowman looks like maybe he fell down. Or maybe he is dancing. I'm not sure.

And this is Little K's snowman, mostly designed by Mom.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Splurge V. Steal - Fashion Post

How exciting! I've been playing around with Polyvore. I just found how I can post the outfits I create there on my blog in one easy step! Be looking forward to more of my creations.
Meanwhile, you can Follow me on Pinterest and find more of my creations on my Polyvore board.

Splurge V. Steal #3

Monsoon platform pumps
$100 -

Clare V navy tote bag

Cell phone purse

Fallon pearl jewelry

1928 jewelry

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Little K's Incredible Journey - 11 months old

My little boy is growing up! You are 11 months old already and you sure are growing fast! You have started eating baby food for at least 2 meals a day, but still having mommy's milk as well. You don't seem to want to stop that any time soon! (Mommy even wrote a song about you wanting that milk, wherever you are. All About the Breast (No Bottle). You like it when mommy sings it and you dance to it too!)

The biggest development in the past month is that you have started taking steps. Though you are still quite content hanging on to furniture to walk around, from time to time you will take 4 or 5 steps. You are becoming more confident in your step-taking abilities and I'm sure you'll be walking everywhere soon!

You are also talking more. I decided to make a list of the words you know. Hopefully I don't miss any.

-kitty/cat - ("dee", "ca")
-Dog - ("daw")
-Num num
-Your sister's name (well, one syllable of it)

I'm sure there will probably be more to add by next month. You also love to sing. You are very dramatic when you cry. Dad thinks you are going to be the artist of the family, whether it is acting or singing. I do agree. You definitely have the looks to be a famous actor, my handsome boy!

Next month, you will turn 1 year old. I am so excited for your first birthday party! You are a lucky baby too! They will be lighting off fireworks just for you! (Ok, so it will be for New Year's Eve, but let's just say they are for you!) I love you, Little K!