Friday, February 1, 2013

Smile! You're on Video!

"Come on, I said SMILE! You were doing it a couple seconds ago! Why won't you do it now? I just turned on the camera! Come on!"


This seems to be the pattern when my baby is doing something cute. I got lucky and managed to get video of him smiling for one of the first times, but he will not smile for a picture. The other day, he rolled from his stomach to his back. We all cheered and I got out the video camera hoping he would do it again. I rolled him back over to his tummy and what did he do? He cried. He kept crying and wouldn't stop. Darn. There goes that Kodak moment.

We all want to be able to capture these moments so we can see them over and over again. We want to capture these firsts and store them forever. One thing I've learned as a mom as that usually the first time your child does something, it's spontaneous. So unless we have the video camera on him 24/7, we're probably not going to catch that very first giggle, the first time he crawls, his first words, or his first steps. The best we can do is capture them the second, third, or twentieth time around and remember how we felt that first time.