Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lessons I've Learned From My Newborn

We teach our children, but they teach us too! I've had three newborns, but I learn something new every time! Here are some of the most important lessons I have learned from having a newborn.

Patience - The first three months are the hardest. Patience for me mostly deals with sleep. My babies do not want to go right back to sleep after breast feeding. Most sessions last about an hour between the feeding and falling asleep again. I have learned to be patient and realize that sleep will come. If I try to force it, he does not sleep as well or for as long, and neither do I. I keep telling myself it will get better because I know it will!

Sometimes, it's nice just to be held. - My first child was pretty laid back (once we got her tummy troubles straightened out). She was happy being held, happy sitting in a bouncer seat. She was just an all around happy baby. Baby T (now 15 months old) was a little more needy, but even he would sit in a bouncer seat or a swing sometimes without complaint. Little K is another story. He wants to be held All. The. Time. Put him down in a bouncer seat or a swing and within five minutes he will be screaming like someone has wounded him to his very core. So, I hold him. I baby wear as much as I can so I can get things done.

Growth spurts, though highly annoying, are important! - Those dreaded words – growth spurt. These past couple of nights have looked like this – baby eats at 7 pm, goes to sleep at 9 pm. I am ready to go to bed at 9:30 pm. He decides right then to wake up and eat. He eats FOR AN HOUR. He finally goes back to sleep at 10:45 pm. He wakes up at 2 am. Then again at 4. Then again at 6. In between these feedings I get an hour of sleep. Man, am I tired.
He's growing, I know. That's why he wants to eat so often. Growing is a good thing. It's important. But I sure am tired.

Breast feeding is hard, but it's worth it! - Breast feeding puts a lot on a mom. You are the only one to get up with the baby all hours of the night because you have what he needs. When baby goes through growth spurts, you feel like he's attached to you 24/7. But it's all worth it. Baby is healthier! You lose weight! What's not to love? (Read my post on my Love/Hate Relationship with Breastfeeding for more.)

Babies grow up, so enjoy it! - A few people have told me to enjoy baby being this little because it won't last forever. That's what I usually tell myself to get through those long sleepless nights. It's not usually in a positive regard. But then I look back to when my other children were babies. I remember as they hit each milestone and how exciting it was to see that first smile or to hear that first laugh. How nice it was to have a little one to snuggle with that wasn't pulling my hair or climbing on me or getting in to everything he could find. Babies do grow up. It's not all roses with newborns. There are some difficult moments. Revise that. There are MANY difficult moments. But there are also many rewarding and precious moments as well.

Enjoy your newborn. He won't be new forever.


  1. I can remember how tiring those first few months were and I didn't breast feed so I can imagine how tired you must be.

    I love how you are putting a positive view on it all, it speaks a lot about you as a mother.

    Hope you get some sleep soon.

  2. What a beautiful post, while I don't have a child of my own I work with new moms! This would be a lovely post to share!

  3. My first baby, I would start my countdown till my husband came home the moment I woke up. It seemed like the longest days ever. But after a while, they flew by. With my 2nd & 3rd babies, he was home before I knew it!

    1. I know what you mean! My husband works really long days. He leaves before I get up (usually unless the baby wakes me up and won't go back to bed) and doesn't get back until after 6 pm. Trying to get through an almost 12 hour day on my own with a 15 month old and a 2 month old is crazy sometimes. We have our good days and our bad days.