Friday, January 11, 2013

The Undervalued Father

My husband recently posted a status message to Facebook that got me thinking. Basically, he was upset about all these anti-father posts, e-cards, jokes, etc. on Facebook and Pinterest. For example, this one from

Now I have been staying at home with my newborn for 2 months and I am exhausted, believe me. But I would never say that my husband is never exhausted and I would never claim that he doesn't do anything because he's not at home with the baby all day. I don't know where this lack of respect for fathers came from, but it is really starting to upset me!
I started to think about how there are some fathers that run out on their responsibilities. Young men who aren't ready for a child and leave their "baby's mama" high and dry. Everyone always blames the father, but could it be, even just a little bit, that women's attitudes are to blame too? When we have attitudes that say fathers don't matter, that they don't do any work, and that they're only there to provide money, that's what the fathers start to think. No wonder they run out on their responsibilities when they don't have an accurate idea of those responsibilities!

So, though some of you may find this card from funny:

I do not. Father's Day should be just as important as Mother's Day. I would not be the person I am today without my father and I would go nuts if I didn't have my husband around to help (with more than just "bringing home the bacon").

End of rant.


  1. I agree. I give my husband crap sometimes b/c he didn't do this or that but hell, he's just as important and I don't know what I would do without him by my side all the time.
    Dads RULE!

  2. totally agree! I get frustrated with that, and the "husband/marriage" bashing that goes on too :(

    the ONLY father one that I find funny (and so does my hubby) is the one that talks about the saying shouldn't be "i slept like a baby" but instead "I slept like a husband". My hubby can sleep through anything! even the baby's screams, so that one made both of us laugh, and really, I'm glad he can sleep through it all because HE is the one that has to go to work and interact with adults in a caring way. I can be groggy when dealing with the babies and they will never know but he can't be that way at work.

    anyway. Loved your rant. It needed to be said ;)

  3. I like that one too. My husband can go back to sleep while the baby is screaming his head off. JEALOUS lol

  4. I agree. While my husband and I haven't been able to conceive yet, I would hate to think anybody would bash him for being a father and not a mother(especially when he's going to be SUCH a great one! -- father, that is :)

    Honestly, I think a lot of it is coming from a culture that's changing. Single mothers are becoming more prevalent, and marriage seems to be falling out of favor among people my age and younger. My nieces (ages 17 and 19) are constantly bashing their children's fathers, even the dads who put in effort (more effort than one of my nieces, actually). This is becoming the norm, sadly.

    Nobody has any respect for anybody anymore.

    Thanks for stopping by Pre-K Prep School :)