Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Why The Voice Inspires Me

She steps unto the stage, a bundle of nerves but so excited to have this chance to show the world what she can do. As the music cues up, she takes a deep breath and then she begins to sing. She sounds like an angel, note after note drifting to the audience and those four chairs that will determine her fate. The chairs do not turn. She keeps singing, reaching a high note and singing it from the very depths of her soul. Suddenly, a chair turns. "I WANT YOU" lights up in large letters. She finishes her song, but all the while she is choking back tears of joy. She's actually going to get her chance! They chose her!

Why do shows like The Voice, American Idol and America's Got Talent evoke such strong emotions out of so many of us? When we hear the back story of the contestants, we can identify. She's a mom, just like me. He quit his dead end job to pursue music. She just lost her mother to cancer and is singing in her memory. So many stories, the list goes on. We see people just like us getting their chance to be what they were called to be. What a joy that would be! To be called to your purpose and to fulfill it is perhaps one of the greatest gifts one can imagine.

As I watch that contestant get chosen to move on to the next round, something inside me stirs. I want to feel that feeling! I want to apply for that job that is just right for me, where I can use my talents. I want to interview and have someone say "YES! I WANT YOU!" Until that happens for me, I will just have to live vicariously through the talented singers on The Voice and enjoy the special bonuses of Adam Levine and Usher while I'm at it! ;)