Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What does the Bible say about love? - A review of the book Loveology by John Mark Comer

My latest book review for Book Look Bloggers is for the book Loveology by John Mark Comer.

What is the purpose of marriage? Should everyone get married? What does the Bible teach about premarital sex? What does the Bible really teach about homosexuality?
In the book Loveology, John Mark Comer uses the Bible as a context to answer these and many more questions about God, love, sex, and marriage. This book is an excellent resource for anyone who is looking for answers to these questions and to understand what the Bible has to say. There are even chapters in this book, such as the chapter on homosexuality, that I would encourage non-Christians to read so they can understand where Christians are coming from based on the Bibles teachings.

Some of the key points of this book are as follows:
- The Bible teaches that sex is to be shared by a man and a woman in the context of marriage. Any sexual act outside of marriage is considered sin, going against God's will for us. Sex is a bonding of two people at a very deep level, and to have sex outside of the marriage relationship can be very damaging indeed.
- Any sexual act outside of marriage is a sin. This means heterosexual sex and homosexual acts are sinful outside of the context of marriage. Since marriage as God intended is between a man and a woman, that is why homosexual acts are considered sinful. A person can be gay (attracted to people of the same gender as themselves) and still be a follower of Christ if they abstain from engaging in homosexual acts just as a single person can be a Christian living according to the Bible if they abstain from sex until they are married.
- Marriage was created for many reasons that John Mark Comer discusses in this book. One of these main reasons is that of the couple working together to help fulfill God's will for each of them. They have to be on the same wavelength and help each other cultivate their gifts to reach God's will for them.

I wish I understood these teachings more fully before I was in a romantic relationship, but understanding them now helps me to fully grasp how important my marriage is in fulfilling God's will for both myself and my husband as well as for our children. I am going to pass this book on to my husband and suggest that he read it. I also intend on having each of my children read this book when they reach high school age. I think it will give them a much better understanding of why they should wait. Overall, this is a great book. Five stars!

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  1. I think sex from love is OK. Marriage may not be for everyone. My husband and I were not abstenent before marrying and I don't feel threatened by my faith and we have an amazing love.

    1. We were not either and we are ok. I think it really becomes a problem when people try to find something else through sex instead of using it for its intended purpose to become more connected with someone you love.

  2. So many disregard what the Bible says :( I am not without sin, so I shall not cast a stone... but I think society in general has a tendency now to stray, we are so saturated with media and keeping up with the Joneses... when we forget that we only have an audience of one!

    1. So true! I think it's hard for others when we point out to them what the Bible says and they know they are guilty of that sin. They become offended and think that we are intolerant when really we are being loving in telling them that God loves them and wants them to repent so they can have a closer relationship with Him. I am not one to point out sin in those I do not know, but if I see something amiss with someone I love, I will talk to them about it from a loving place.

  3. This book sounds spot on theologically! It will be a challenge to teach this to my girls.

  4. Great review! Most people leave God out of everything today and it's nice to see a book that addresses something so important.