Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Ladies and gents - I am happy to announce that I have been nominated for a Liebster Award! For those of you who don't know what this award is all about, basically it is an award that bloggers give to other bloggers. It particularly spotlights blogs with 200 followers or less. I guess you would say it helps to identify us as "up and commers" in the blogging community. I am honored to have been nominated by Lizbeth at Just Dip it In Chocolate. Thanks, Lizbeth!

Now, here's the rules about the Liebster award. I must answer 11 questions that have been posed to me by the one who nominated me, post 11 random facts about myself, nominate 11 other bloggers, and pose 11 questions to those bloggers that they will then answer on their Liebster award posts!

Here goes!

The questions posed to me by Lizbeth:

1.What is the #1 thing you love most about blogging?

Blogging is a great way to connect with others who are like me. I have always had trouble getting to know people “in real life” and it's nice to connect with others, even if it is online. To be able to share my thoughts and know that there is someone out there that cares about what I have to say and that what I could say could help others are strong motivators for me to keep on blogging.

2.What is your all time favorite movie?

The Avengers!

3.Are you a Coffee or Tea person? I used to say tea, but now that I get very little sleep AND have a hard time unwinding at the end of the day, I have to say BOTH! Coffee in the morning to wake me up and chamomile tea at night to help me unwind before I go to sleep.

4.Looking back, which was the best year of your life so far?

I honestly have to say that 2012 was a pretty great year. I gave birth to a wonderful baby boy and I've lost quite a bit of weight too. I feel healthier than I have in some time. My daughter is doing great in first grade. The unfortunate thing is that my husband has been going through some tough times on the job front, but I feel that a change is around the corner as far as that is concerned too. It's in God's hands!

5.Beach house or Mountain Cabin?

Beach house! I live in Nebraska and it is cold for a few months out of the year. I would love to have a beach house to run off to in the cold winter months!

6. Have you ever visited any other country outside the one you live in? Which one you loved the most?

I have never been to another country. I would like to go to Jamaica some day. I hear it's paradise!

7.Do you know when to stop talking when you argue or do you go on and on and on like the energizer bunny? 

It depends on who I'm arguing with. With my husband, it's hard to get a word in because he wants to have the last word. We don't argue a lot but when we do he usually wins! If I'm arguing with someone, say at work, I am usually right which means I will keep going on and on and on until they realize that I am right!

8.Favorite music era and genre?

I like music from the late 90s and the first decade of the 2000s. Anything (rock, pop, rap, r&b, hip hop) is good for me (except COUNTRY)!!

9.If you have to pick a super power..what would it be?

I would want the ability to teleport. Not only could I get wherever I wanted to go whenever I wanted to go there ,(Jamaican vacation, here we come!) but I would save a bundle on gas and I'd never be late for work!

10.When was the last time you ate Fast Food and what was it?

Well...if you consider Little Caesar's fast food then it was on Sunday.

11.First or last person to get a joke?

I am usually the one telling the jokes that other people don't get.

11 Random Facts About Me
-I am pursuing my Master's degree in Clinical Counseling
-I love to sing Karaoke!
-I have a goal to lose 32 more pounds before the summer gets here. Think I can do it?
-I hate wearing socks. Summer is my favorite time of year because I don't have to wear socks.
-I am an extremely picky eater. I have just a few foods that I really like and I get sick of the same food over and over again very easily.
-I played the piano for several years and the drums for 12 years. I haven't played either in by far too long.
-My favorite restaurant is Smashburger followed closely by Five Guys Burgers and Fries. I had cravings for them like mad when I was pregnant and I still love them!
-If there's one thing I can't stand, it's fake people. Be real or just get out!
-I can be really lazy, but I'm working on it!
-I love to go swimming, but I can't really swim.
-I love to take pictures of my kids!

And now! The nominees for the Liebster Award!!
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And here are the questions for my nominees:
1. Why did you decide to start blogging?
2. What is your all time favorite book?
3. If you could meet any famous person, who would it be and why?
4. Who is the person that inspires you the most?
5. What is your dream job?
6. What is your favorite thing about being a parent?
7. What do you do to unwind?
8. Do you think of Facebook (and other social networking sites like Twitter) as a good thing or a bad thing? Why?
9. What is your all time favorite TV show?
10. Where do you want to be in 5 years?
11. What is your guilty pleasure?


  1. Thank you so much! I love your blog, too. So good to read about your blogging story.

  2. Thank you so much for nominating me! Awesome! We have a lot in common! You rock!

    1. Thanks Ginger. You have a great blog. It's so much fun! :)

  3. Hi! Thank you so much for the nomination. I'm humbled and flattered.... Can you please clarify the following:

    1. Where to answer your questions and the other info needed?

    2. Is there a winner? If so, how is the winner chosen? Or does one answer the questions and provide the info and automatically receive the reward?

    3. Any other helpful info you can provide.

    Thank you again so much! You've absolutely made my day! :-)

    1. Tehila - You will answer the questions, nominate the other blogs and post your random facts in a post on your blog, just like I did. Other winners can correct me if I'm wrong but I believe EVERYONE is a winner. It's a way that we show appreciation for each other and spread the blogging love! :) Have a great time posting, Tehila!

    2. Thanks so much, Risa! OK, so I basically announce on my blog that I've won the award and answer the questions such as this lady did in the following post: http://sarahmschultz.blogspot.co.nz/2013/02/the-liebster-award.html ?

      This is so fun! Thanks precious blogging friend! xxx

  4. I loved this post Risa! wear your Crown...I mean badge proudly! Big Hugs beautiful lady and Congratulations!

  5. Thanks for nominating me! This looks like fun :)

    1. You're welcome! It's such a great way to share our blogs with one another and help new blogs get more followers too. I love it!

  6. Thank you for nominating me!!

    1. You're welcome! Look forward to seeing your post!

  7. Miss Risa, here it is! At Long last! http://wildwonderfulgingerssnaps.blogspot.com/2013/03/and-liebster-award-nominees-are-2.html

  8. Oh geez. I could have swore I responded to this! Was a crazy week. Thank you so much!! I always thought I'd be pretty cool to get one of these. So happy you like my blog enough to nominate me :) I appreciate all your comments on my posts too. I go on sprees with comments. Been in a dry spell lately! Sorry :/ Thanks again!!!

  9. I love a good hamburger, too! But you can't not like country music. It's just too good.