Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ask Me Some Questions!

So, I'm participating in the July Blogger's Challenge brought to you by Liv, Laugh, Love: A Mommy Blog. Her Day 7 and 8 challenge for us is to ask our readers to ask us some questions. Then on Day 8, we will answer them in a blog post. can post your questions in a comment or on My Facebook Page and I will answer them tomorrow!



  1. Hi Risa! What made you want to go back and get your Masters in Clinical Counseling?

  2. 1. What is the one thing YOU need to do (no one else) to reach your goals?
    2. What song title best describes your life?
    3. What do you like best about being a mom?
    4. How have you changed as a parent from your first child to second?

  3. Do you think the counseling degree will help or hinder you in parenting your children?

  4. Was making your career change a smooth transition? Any suggestions for someone considering making a switch themselves? What are the differences parenting a boy vs. a girl - or is it much the same?

  5. Do you plan to get your drivers license one day? :)

  6. Do you have a dream? If so what is it?