Monday, July 8, 2013

You've Got Questions, I've Got Answers - PART TWO

And now....for PART TWO of my Q&A challenge!

boltoncarley asked:
Do you think the counseling degree will help or hinder you in parenting your children?
At this point, I don't see how the degree could hinder me in parenting my children except that I will hopefully get a career out of it and that may cause a little added stress in my life. I don't think it would cause more stress than I'm going through now, though! (Being at a job that you really don't like all that much is pretty stressful.) I think it can help because I have practice listening and helping effectively. I already notice that I have more of a sense when things aren't quite right. There's been times when K started crying about something that just did not seem worth crying over, I talked to her, and I was able to discover what was really wrong and comfort her that things are going to be ok. I'd like to think I'd have those skills as a parent anyway, but I am sure that studying about how to listen effectively to my clients has something to do with that too.

Joanna asked:
Was making your career change a smooth transition? Any suggestions for someone considering making a switch themselves?
I haven't really made a career change per se. I mean, I taught for 3 years and I essentially didn't have a choice but to change my career. I guess I could have kept looking for teaching jobs when I lost my first job out of college, but the passion just wasn't there for me anymore. So in that way, yes it was easy. The thing that has made it difficult was my decision to have another child last year (I ended up skipping two terms so I fell a little behind). Had that been the end of it, I'd be able to just get right back on it, but now I have another one on the way and I'll have to miss at least one term again (though more than likely it will be two). Technically, I have until 2019 to complete my degree, but I definitely don't want to take that long! I have been trying to find jobs that will help make a transition easier, but right now any entry level jobs in the counseling field that don't require a license in counseling pay far less than my current job.

My advice for making a career change - pray on it. Make sure it's something that you are really called to do. Don't jump into it without thinking it through, asking advice from others, researching, etc. I looked at several different schools before I found a great one that has online courses and fits my schedule. They are a little pricier than some other schools, but they are also a really great school! Another key I have found is networking. I still keep in contact with the woman I did my practicum with and I am friends on Facebook with a few of my classmates. It helps me to know how they are doing, when they graduate, and get jobs. It's an inspiration to me and they are always there to offer up advice too!

What are the differences parenting a boy vs. a girl - or is it much the same?
You know, I couldn't really tell you yet. My son is only about 8 months old and a baby is pretty much a baby. His temperament is a little bit different than my daughter's was (he likes to be held A LOT) but other than that there is not much difference yet. We'll see how it's different (as I'm sure it will be) as he gets older!

Del asked:
Do you plan to get your drivers license one day? :)

For those of you who don't know, I don't have my driver's license. As a kid, I was diagnosed with sensory processing (or sensory integration) disorder. It's a disorder that affects how I perceive things and essentially I just get really overwhelmed trying to take in all the information all at once that is needed to drive.
I would like to get my license. It's just so overwhelming for me to drive and I don't really know how to overcome this problem. I have even talked to a counselor about it before, but it didn't really help. She just told me to keep practicing and I don't think she really understood what the problem is. I am not really sure that anything can be done about it, but I do often feel like I am inconveniencing my husband in that he has to drive me everywhere, so I'd like to try.

Amanda asked:
Do you have a dream? If so what is it?
My dream is to be successful in my career, for my husband to also be successful in his career, to have our children thrive and do well, to be comfortable financially and be able to live in a nice house, not cramped like we are now. I don't need to be filthy rich, just able to pay the bills and still have a little leftover to enjoy. I know it's a ways off, but I have faith that we will get there. God does not want his children to be poor and hurting. I keep striving to do His will and I know that he will fulfill his promises.

Thank you everyone for all of your questions! I hope you enjoyed learning more about me, and I hope you'll keep reading!

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