Saturday, April 5, 2014

Family Fun - Let's go to the zoo!

My husband works a lot. I am at home with my boys all day, 5 days a week. We get to see him for about two hours every night before it's time for bed. Family time is very important to us.

We recently got a zoo pass. Now we can go to the zoo any time we want. We've already been there twice. I love it because the kids get to see all kinds of different animals and learn about them, we get to go outside, we get exercise, and it's family time! I also love it because I get to see so many of God's beautiful creations and it makes me appreciate the wonder of it all.

I also love taking pictures of all the different animals we see. I forgot my camera on our first zoo trip, but I remembered it this time and I got some great shots!

Big Brother T petting a goat. He was quite excited!
(I don't usually share pictures of my kids for privacy reasons, but you can't see his face in this one so it's all good.)

Ring tailed lemurs in the Madagascar exhibit.

A red lemur.

A fossa. They are the top of the food chain in Madagascar.

These California Sea Lions were playing a game. The one in the water would slap at the one on the rocks, then she'd jump in and they'd chase each other.

It's incredible to see the rhinos up close. They are HUGE!

Giraffes are amazing creatures!

I still don't know what my favorite animal at the zoo is, but I know that I love taking pictures in the butterfly exhibit and that's where we plan on going next time! Stay tuned!


  1. This looks like such a fun trip to the zoo! loved seeing the pics! i love animals!

  2. great pictures- i cannot wait to take my children who are 3 and 5 now. thank you for the inspiration.

  3. Looks like a fun family outing! I've never heard of a fossa!

  4. That looks like so much fun!!! <3 The weather has finally broken here so hopefully we'll be able to make a zoo trip soon!!

  5. I love Giraffes, they are so beautiful and amazing..My hubby likes the monkeys and we have not been to the zoo in family time :)

  6. Fun! My kids love animals, but we haven't been to the zoo yet this year. We'll have to go soon.