Saturday, April 26, 2014

God is Just Not Fair - A Review

This is a review of the book God is Just Not Fair by Jennifer Rothschild. Jennifer has gone through her share of heartache and suffering. She became blind at age 15 and has since written many books and spoken at conferences about trusting in God.

"Why would God allow this to happen to me?" "How can a God who is good and doesn't make mistakes allow something like this to happen?"
We all struggle with questions like this. If I have learned anything from reading the Bible, attending church and listening to sermons on the subject, and walking in faith myself over the years, it is that there is really no definitive answer to these questions.

I don't know what I was expecting from this book, then. I wasn't expecting the answer because if I haven't found any answer besides "trust in God" in the Bible, I wouldn't find it in another book. I was somewhat disappointed in this book. It was a difficult read because this is difficult subject matter. I found it was more or less a rehash of things I have already heard. Things like, "God has a plan." "Have faith, even though you may not understand his ways." It's not that I don't believe these things. I do. But they don't make the heartache or the struggle go away. They can make it easier. Trusting in God and wrapping ourselves in our "blanket of faith", as Rothschild puts it, can help us get through things others simply could not.

I didn't learn anything new from this book, but others may be able to. If you have a hard time getting things out of scripture and you want a book that lays it out for you, this is a good book to read. I, however, didn't really get anything extra out of it that I couldn't get from simply reading the Bible and reflecting on it myself.

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  1. This is a very interesting subject. I'm glad you chose this book to review and enjoyed reading your description.

  2. Great review! Any book that lays out scripture in an easy to read format is a Great book! I'll give it a try! Thank you!

  3. This kind of book has a premise that I couldn't get behind or understand. We have no control over the circumstance that we are dealt. Everyone converts there trials and tribulations based on their own fortitude.
    Lord knows, I've had mine.

  4. Great title for the book. I would give it a go.

  5. Very interesting title! Just by reading the tittle I was ready to read more. I too believe that God has a plan and we should trust him. I respect your honest review. Thanks for sharing