Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Your Workout Doesn't Have to Be a Bore!

I don't like to exercise. I will admit it. Make me run on the treadmill (or speed walk is more like it for me) or walk just to walk but not go anywhere, I won't be doing it for long. If I'm going to exercise, I need to make it fun. Here's what has worked for me.

->Exercise with your children!
Especially in the summer, we can get a lot of exercise this way. I will walk them to the park. It's only about a mile away, maybe even less, but walking pushing a double stroller that weighs maybe 10 lbs on its own and has 40+ pounds of children's weight in it will sure get you a workout! Not to mention, some of the walk to the park is uphill! When we get there, I push my kids on the swings (upper body workout!) and I swing on the swings too.

Me at the park...Big Sis took this picture!

->Video games can give you a workout!

Do you have a Wii or an Xbox with a Kinect? Play one of the active/fitness games! You will be surprised how much of a workout they can give you.
My favorites are the Just Dance games for the Wii and the EA Active game for the Wii. The EA Active game bothers me a bit because you have to wear a leg strap and put the nunchuck in there. It doesn't like to pick up your moves properly every time, so it can get a bit frustrating. But when it works right, it's a great motivator and it has helped me learn how to do squats the right way!

->Use workout DVDs.
I have to admit I haven't used my workout DVDs in a while. I need to break these out. All of the DVDs I have, I actually do like doing and they give me quite a work out. It's also like having my own personal trainer there and it helps me make sure I'm doing the exercises the right way. I have Biggest Loser Boot Camp (with Bob), Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga (This one is harder than it sounds!), Ab Workout for Dummies, and Dancing with the Stars workout (with Maxim...try not to lose all your hydration through drooling, ladies...)
Matter of fact, posting about these videos has motivated me to do one of them later.

What do you do to make your workout fun?

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