Thursday, July 24, 2014

Craft Day - Footprint Butterflies

I decided to up my difficulty level on the crafts and make footprint butterflies after I saw this picture on Pinterest:

Mine were not nearly as beautiful, but that was more due to my limited ability to draw the body of the butterfly than anything else. Also, it's hard to make these with big kid footprints. Baby footprints are much easier.

Big Sis painting her foot. I didn't get pictures of the painted baby feet because I was the one painting them. T-Rex cried while I was painting his foot because he wanted to play with the paints. Little K liked getting his foot painted, I think. He gave me a look that seemed to say, "Mom, what are you doing to me?"

T-Rex's footprints

Little K's finished product

T-Rex's finished product

Overall, this project was fun. I think the boy's turned out well. Big Sis's did not, so I don't choose to show it here. Like I said, this works out a lot better with baby feet!

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