Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lessons I've Learned from My Cat - Photo Post

The latest challenge on Liv, Laugh, Love's July Blogger's Challenge is a photo post. I thought I'd continue my Lessons I've Learned series with a photo post of Lessons I've Learned from My Cat. This features photos of my cat, Prince. There is also an appearance by my first cat, Coco - may he rest in peace.(If you haven't read my other Lessons posts, you can read about Lessons I've Learned from My Second Grader, Lessons I've Learned from My Toddler, and Lessons I've Learned from My Newborn.)

--> Sleep when you can, anywhere you can! (And in any position that you find comfortable!)

"This car seat sure is comfy!"


--> Rock your own sense of style.

Prince rocking his mane.

--> Make your presence known.

Coco was a pro at this. I think every picture I have, he is either meowing or sleeping.

--> Stake your claim.

"These pants are mine."

"This laundry basket? Mine."

"This baby swing is mine."

"You want to use this? Too bad. It's mine."

"Did I mention that this baby is also mine?"

-->You are never too old to play!

As a baby...

Or a grown-up...

I hope you have enjoyed another installment of Lessons I've Learned...
What have you learned from your cat, dog, or other pet?

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